Leap into the Digital Age of Materials Management

Digitizes your supply chain and materials management with Handling Material App – the tool to change the paradigm from analog to digital in warehouses from coast to coast.

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Digitizing materials management can boost efficiency by more than 25%.


Research shows that nearly 80% of businesses will embrace mobile apps for inventory control in 2024, enjoying enhanced real-time data accuracy, reduced stock discrepancies, and improved bottom lines.

Optimize Your Material Handling with One Simple App

The core strength of HandlingMaterial.app lies in its simplicity and innovative features:

Scan-In, Scan-Out Mechanism

Validate part numbers, view detailed descriptions and images, and locate storage sites, all at your fingertips. Eliminate inventory errors and enhance material handling efficiency.

Real-Time Tracking and Analytics

Improve your workflow by using the real-time data about material usage and frequency. Spot trends, anticipate needs, and make informed decisions.

Offline Capability

Don’t miss a beat even when you’re offline. The app stores data locally and syncs it with the central database when Wi-Fi is available.

Material Shortage Alerts

Stay on top of your stock levels. The app sends immediate alerts about material shortages, helping you ensure continuous production and prevent disruption.

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Enhance operations with our robust features:

Scan Valid Part Numbers Only:

Minimize errors, maintain accuracy, and ensure your material handling process remains faultless.

Part Descriptions and Images:

Ensure clarity and precision for your handlers, minimizing error margin and misunderstandings.

Material Shortage Alerts:

Spot inventory gaps and act quickly to maintain an efficient workflow and continuous production.

Scan Activity Tracking:

Monitor handler performance and glean valuable insights to optimize operations.

Offline Compatibility:

Carry on uninterrupted operations in areas with low or no internet connectivity.

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